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Frequently Ask Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions

Every client's personal injury case is a serious matter. We are serious about providing high quality represenation for each client. Our clients rely on us to favorably resolve one of the most difficult situations in their entire lives. We work hard to create a great work environment at our firm so we can better focus on each client's serious case. 

You almost never have to have an attorney for any legal matter. The issue is whether having an attorney or not is beneficial to the outcome of your case. Every legal area has issues that are difficult to know or understand unless you are dealing with it on a daily basis. The lawyers at The Kiechler Law Firm are highly trained to handle serious matters. The internet has done great things for society on education, with knowledge on DIY home projects, to medical diagnosis, and so on. When it comes to a personal injury case, we feel like our knowledge is the same as your medical surgeon as compared to WebMD; there is a point when you must rely on the professionals to get you the best results. 

Almost all personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. That means that there are no attorney fees unless there is a settlement or trial verdict in your case. Additionally, almost all personal injury lawyers cover the hard costs, other than medical bills, out of pocket for the client. 

This is a difficult question to answer because there are so many factors to consider. Some of those factors are:

  1. Whether there is an insurance company involved or not. If so, which insurance company since each of them operate differently. 

  2. How serious are the injuries and required medical treatment?

  3. How many parties are involved in the incident? 

  4. Can the case be resolved without filing a lawsuit? Does this case need a jury trial if a resolution cannot be obtained?


These are only a few factors that can affect the time length of your case. Each case is unique. We have clients that rely on our knowledge to guide them on the best approach to their unique case.

One of our core philosophies is to Think Outside the Box. We do not think like traditional lawyers. We do not analyze each case the standard way. We try and figure out unique angles to each case to help us achieve the best result.

We work hard, very hard. With that being said, we know non-stop work can break down even the strongest. We strive to have a great work-life balance which means we bring our A-Game to every case.

Our office is in Lubbock, Lubbock County; however, we continuously are providing legal services throughout all the counties of the South Plains.

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