18 Wheeler and Truck Accidents

Accidents caused by 18 wheelers (also called tractor trailers, semis, etc.) and other heavy duty trucks can be devastating. These vehicles can become extremely dangerous. A typical car wreck involves vehicles of an equal weight; however, 18 wheelers weigh thousands and thousands of pounds heavier than the vehicle they impact which means a much great force of impact. The strength of impact can cause serious property damage and serious injuries far superior than other auto accidents. Just imagine the brute force of an 80,000 lb. vehicle colliding into a 4,000 lb. vehicle; these types of serious accidents can turn into tragedies.

These commercial vehicles are typically owned by companies directly or 3rd parties that transport for other businesses. This setup can create an issue where multiple parties may be liable for the injuries and damages caused by innocent drivers, pedestrians, and bystanders. Depending on the scenario, liability can reach to the owner and driver of the 18 wheelers, manufacturers, suppliers, and repair shops of defected equipment on the 18 wheeler, or even the loader, buyer, purchaser, or seller of the load carried by the 18 wheeler. These accidents create substantial liability on behalf of the at-fault party.

Since most of these vehicles are owned by large companies, the financial resources by these companies allow for investigation and resolution of these accidents that far outweigh the resources of an injured. Accident investigation teams can be deployed shortly after an accident takes place to allow a beneficial edge on the side of the 18 wheeler and to the disadvantage of the injured. Investigation of your claim can require examination of the scene of the accident, reviewing the driver’s log books, reviewing the police reports, talking with witnesses including law enforcement, obtaining the driver’s criminal and driving records, reviewing the truck’s satellite tracking system, analyzing the “black box” control module inside the 18 wheeler, and even reconstructing the accident.

18 wheeler accidents can be caused by a multitude of reasons. Some of these can be linked to the following: speeding, driver fatigue and exhaustion, rollovers, driving aggressively, driver inexperience, lack of training, less than par vehicle inspections, illegal drug use, alcohol use, delivery schedules, cell phone use, lack of proper safety equipment, jackknifing, tailgating, failure to observe traffic signs and signals, overloading or improper loading, etc. When any one of these reasons occurs, someone can be injured severely. Without the negligence of an individual linked to the 18 wheeler, injuries could have been prevented and loved ones could have not become victims. Drivers of these vehicles have higher standards such as being required to have special commercial driver’s licenses and following federal regulations such as Hours of Service Regulations.

Serious Injuries can vary; some are direct and immediate, while others can be a slow onset or collateral to the immediate injuries. Common injuries are as following: brain and head injuries (e.g. coma, concussions), spinal injuries, bone fractures, breaks, and sprains, amputations, internal organ injuries, infections, lacerations, burns, disfigurement, paralysis, and quadriplegia.

Seriously injured victims have certain legal rights and options. Compensation for your serious injuries can include property damage, medical expenses, lost earnings, loss of benefits, pain and suffering, and punitive damages. Seek the advice of The Kiechler Law Firm PLLC to protect your rights. We handle serious cases and obtain serious results. 18 wheeler accident litigation is not to be taken lightly; it is highly complicated and requires the knowledge, expertise, and dedication of an aggressive lawyer. The Kiechler Law Firm PLLC understands that business is business for some of these at-fault parties; however, business is business when it comes to rightfully compensating the victims of normal day-to-day business activities of these at-fault parties.

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