Pedestrian Accidents


You are walking on the sidewalk. You come to a point where you have to cross a road at an intersection. You have the right of way to cross and begin, but a driver is not paying attention and hits you as you cross the road. Unfortunately, you were in the crosswalk when the driver pulled too far then legally allowed and he or she caused your injury. You are hit and you had nothing to protect you from an automobile colliding into your body. 

 After the accident, you most likely will be suffering from injuries immediately pedestrian accidents typically cause immediate pain rather than pain that arises a few days later. These accidents are unlike motorcycle and car accidents because of how easily sever injuries can arise. A pedestrian can be dragged or even catapulted which causes the injuries to be disastrous. 

After an incident like this, you are not in the same condition you were in before the accident. Now you are in pain and suffering from an accident that was not your fault; you know the medical bills are going to be expensive. While you are suffering and trying to figure out the procedure to follow in getting your life back to normal, you receive phone calls from the insurance company of the person who hit you. They are quick to contact you and quick to offer you a solution. The only way you can afford your medical services is through the others insurance or your own personal health insurance. 

They may offer you some of the same things they would to an individual that was injured in a car accident or they may say you are to blame and not offer you anything. Either way, it will be an uphill battle simply because you were a pedestrian and not in an automobile. If they do offer you medical bills and extra money for suffering, everything is ok.


Real Life 

Everything is NOT ok! After suffering injuries, you realize what real life is about: you cannot work and are losing wages, you have to go through months of medical services to get your body feeling good again, you are in constant pain from doing daily activities, you cannot fully function with your children, you have to miss more work to go to medical appointments, you cannot focus on schoolwork… Now the offer you accepted from the insurance company for your medical bills and suffering is not looking so hot; the little extra money given to you on top of your medical expenses does not get close to covering the extra pain and suffering you have to go through.


Everything is OK! 

Contact The Kiechler Law Firm immediately if you are in a pedestrian accident. We can help try and make everything ok as much as the situation allows. The insurance companies are not going to work well with individuals, but they will take you seriously if you have The Kiechler Law Firm on your side. We will fight hard to get you compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and the additional compensation for all of your pain and suffering. 

Pedestrian accidents require quick action. After the collision happens, a quick and immediate investigation of the accident is crucial to determine who is at fault and to preserve any evidence that is needed for a lawsuit. Without this quick action, evidence could be lost that is beneficial to getting you the right settlement. 

Do not be mistaken, pedestrian are not always the innocent parties. Traffic laws and laws that apply to pedestrians come into play in determining liability. It takes careful investigation to determine the exact causes of the accident and who is at fault. A pedestrian must be following the laws or they can be found to be completely at-fault or partially at-fault. 

We can help set you up with medical providers who are friendly to pedestrian accident victims. We can help you with your insurance company and the insurance company of the person who hit you. 

Before you obtain the police report, give a recordednstatement, talk with your own insurance company, try and find a medical provider…Contact The Kiechler Law Firm so we can provide you the honest, trustworthy, high-quality service you should expect from a law firm.

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